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About us

On the outskirts of the city Celje, only a five minute drive from the centre, lies hidden in the idyllic forest clearing the new Equestrian centre Celje.

The inside and the outside riding areas with its accompanying facilities enable work and training on the highest level in all weather conditions and throughout the year. Accompanying the equestrian part are also a cafe and a restaurant, where various events take place regularly.
In the Centre we wish to guarantee the best conditions for training and competitions for all involved in this sport and bring this sport closer to people.
Equestrian Centre Celje is the most modern equestrian centre in Slovenia with the largest inside riding arena. The Centre is the scene for sport, cultural and social events throughout the year.

For professional equestrian sport the Centre offers:

  • 40 above average horse boxes (3,5 x 3,5 m)
  • 7 English-type boxes (3,5 x 3,0 m)
  • 6 washing places for horses
  • A walking machine for 6 horses
  • An outside arena in the size of 90 x 60 m (“Ebbe-Flut” watering system and quartz sand of the highest quality)
  • An inside arena in the size of 65 x 33 m (“Ebbe-Flut” watering system and quartz sand of the highest quality)




  • Kap Jumping KAP Jumping Horse Show is a series of international show jumping tournaments with high standards of organization and balanced athletic program, which enables individual riders to improve their positions in the world ranking and  national teams – to gain the valuable experience in the team competitions.
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